With The Right Mindset People Can Be Rich

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The Law of Attraction, since its appearance as an actually theory, has raise many controversies. People doubt it because they think in the following way: If people who want to be rich, believe they are rich, they will be rich. It is like being the owner of a house solely by thinking about it. The Law of Attraction is somewhat more profound than this.

The Law of Attraction is following the principle of thinking-and-getting, but it has some other base principles too beside this one. People who adopt only the principle of thinking-and-getting are not paying attention to another important factor which is the intensity of the effort. The thoughts need to have a strong foundation in the actions.

A small story should illustrate the whole idea. There was an old person who wanted to win at the lottery and win a lot of money. He was praying to God night and day to win the jackpot. One day, God appears in front of him and asks him why he doesn’t buy a lottery ticket if he wants to win. The Law of Attraction works in the same way. Just thinking and not doing anything about the current situation, won’t change a thing.

You need to start to let your thoughts transform in actions. It is certain that you would do something about every thought you have but ignoring it and preferring to let the universe do the entire job in your place won’t solve anything. When your mind creates a thought which dictates a certain action, just act upon it. Don’t hesitate.

Your inner voice is quite skilled when it comes to guiding you to a certain destination but the essential factor is to learn to listen to it. If you want to open a hotel, the voice will guide you in searching for a nice place. It will support you in applying for a certain job. Many people prefer to ignore that voice and let themselves be guided by other exterior factors.

The thoughts must be materialized in actions if you want your dream to come true. Just like the story with the old person, you need to buy your lottery ticket if you want to win the jackpot. 


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