Law of Attraction: Stop Being A Slave To Your Default Processes!

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There are a lot of useless things and situations which get so much attention that we are not even aware when they start to rule our lives. We must realize that this irrelevant game is trapping us into a slave existence and we need to do something to escape.

In our daily routine, we allow a lot of things to rule our lives, consciously or unconsciously. If a certain situation seems difficult or beyond us, we prefer to believe that we can’t do anything to change it. The bad part is that we come to this conclusion too often. We let things happen instead of using the Law of Attraction to our benefit. The Law of Attraction can make even the impossible things become a reality.

According to the Law of Attraction, we can change our circumstances. If we have consciousness, we have everything we need to conquer the life we have always dreamt of. We can be what we want and be where we want.

Most people worry about financial issues more than even about their health problems. Whatever we would want to do in this life, we need money to accomplish it. Whether we need to buy food, a house, a car, for planning a vacation, for treating some health problems, for our kids or any other thing; we always need the same thing – Money! Most people start to feel bad when they have financial problems instead of adopting subjective thinking.

Sounds unreal? Actually, it is quite effective and possible. You must begin to strongly believe that you will have money.

According to the Law of Attraction, you need to start a process of visualization. Imagine you have the money. You will, then, apply for a loan. Since you have visualized the money, you feel that you will definitely have it. The financier from whom you request the loan will observe your confidence and will be sure that you can pay the loan back. It is a really interesting situation but this is the way the Law of Attraction works.

Those who apply this law have this knowledge embedded deep in their minds and whenever they need, they use the subjective thinking process. You need to ‘put’ yourself, somewhat, in the center of the universe and feel that you can control everything around you. 


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