Apple TV Coming Next Year?

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Apple will develop television news has graced the Internet throughout 2011. Had circulated rumors that Apple TV will be released this summer. But in Taiwan, some suppliers claim to have been asked to supply TV 32 inch and 37 inch for Apple.

Quoted from page Cnet, December 28, 2011, speculation Apple TV will be coming soon re-emerged after Walter Isaacson, the biographer Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO revealed that the former has found a way to make a TV integrated with a user-friendly.

“I want to make a television that is fully integrated and easy to use,” Jobs said in his biography. “He is synchronized via iCloud and has an easy user interface. And I can finally solve it, “said Jobs.

In recent reports the Wall Street Journal, Apple has been talking about the Apple TV to a number of media. Last October, Bloomberg also reported that Apple has asked Jeff Robbin, creator of iTunes to head the development of this television. Bloomberg also said that Apple already has a prototype Apple TV.

However, Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, said one of the biggest obstacles facing the Apple TV is a matter of cost. He speculates that Apple may require two times more capital than regular TV makers to TV.

In other words, if the regular TV is produced for U.S. $ 800, Apple may require a fee of U.S. $ 1600 to make television dengna the same type and size.

Even so, Isaacson declined to say when the Apple TV will be present. In an interview with CNET, he was not willing to mention the presence of these devices. But the news that blow, Apple TV will be sold in the second half of 2012.

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s top brass responsible for the design of products mentioned is working to resolve the two models of iTV, the Apple TV to come.

Previous rumors indicated that the iPod maker is preparing the launch of HDTV sizes of 32 and 37 inches at the middle of this year. But a former Apple employee said, they are actually preparing the model 42 and 50 inches.

Leaks are a number of sources as confirming previous reports stating that the iTV will have features such as Siri-based control, application support IOS, Airplay, iCloud and excellent integration with iTunes.

Even so, the current negotiations between Apple with content providers in the TV industry has become a bottleneck for Apple. Mentioned, the availability of broadcast-quality television will be a factor supporting the success of Apple HDTV.

Unfortunately, Apple has also received licensing agreements from content providers in the industry to distribute such content in accordance with the desired model of Apple.

“I hope that Apple will continue to seek, as I hope will remain a family room entertainment center for families,” says Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, was quoted by USA Today, January 5, 2012. “For that, there needs to be consumer products being made by Apple at this time,” he said.


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