Watch Out, Naughty Doctor Mode

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Rogue physician behavior is explained by the professor of the Faculty of medicine University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine) in discussion Prof. Hasbullah Thabarany Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI)  in Jakarta yesterday (09/01/2012). One cause of the behavior of rogue doctors in Indonesia it is the disparity between rates and earnings. “The condition is an opportunity for doctors to do Moral Hazard, and even Fraud ,” he said.

One time, he was discussing with one of the former director of government hospitals. The former director of the anxiety of having to pay the salary of doctors that the variation is very high. From Rp. 4 million to Rp 400 million per month. In fact, there are doctors in government hospitals, earning billions of rupiahs.

Hasbullah said many doctors naughty mode to outsmart the patient. One of them, through a doctor’s prescription. They deliberately wrote many prescriptions to pursue a commission from the pharmaceutical company supplying drugs. “Actually, just one drug alone. In fact, do not use drugs can be cured, “he said.

Other modes, doctors recommend that patients are hospitalized.The reason there alone. Mode, the physician obtains a commission from the hospital. “Collusion doctors and hospitals are very detrimental to the patient. Therefore, patients bear the high cost, “he explained. Another more extreme is the patient instructed to do surgery. In fact, the patient’s illness is not too critical. Typically, the command was given to surgery patients who experience severe pain. For example, Kista.

Because of the proliferation of such perverts, Hasbullah asked the government to enforce standardization of tariffs and medical audit. During this time, several private hospitals, even the government, reckless in determining rates. “There’s my friend admitted to government hospitals. Bill reached Rp. 220 million, “said Hasbullah.
If the medical audit is not done, he’s worried state money allocated to ensure the public health evaporates into the pockets of rogue doctors. He’s ready to crack down on rogue doctors

If you have this, where the patient to get good health care and prime. Especially if the patient was classified as not capable, it can be ascertained the patient will die because they can not pay for drugs, physician services and hospitals. Though the doctor himself, said some people were “Representative of God on Earth” as the rescue of the sick soul. It may be that the rich will run out of the country just to get good health care and satisfying. Besides getting the services of doctors are friendly and honest and is supported by sophisticated equipment. “Poor people are prohibited from pain” this is the right word for patients who can not afford to pay.


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