Law of Attraction: The Thinking Process

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As we stated earlier, the measuring unit of the law is the ‘thought’. As you will soon find out, this law doesn’t focus on the thinking process as we do it in general. Usually, people think about their existence, about being in certain circumstances and doing certain things. We could say that they think in their environment and every object and situation from the exterior and interior medium becomes a part of their thinking process. This kind of thinking is also called the objective thinking but the Law of Attraction implies something different.

If someone wants to adopt the Law of Attraction, he needs to adopt a completely new way of thinking called subjective thinking. It is somewhat weird but if you catch the idea, it is really easy to adopt subjective thoughts.

You know your house exists, right? You can see it. It’s big, it has windows and doors and other architectural elements. Why is it real? It is real because you can observe it, using your sight.

This is called an objective thought.

A subjective thought is to believe that the house exists because you think it is real. For some readers it might sound hilarious but if you try to exercise this method, you will be quite surprised.

This task may feel difficult at first but it will gradually become like a second nature. Think about it like this – because you strongly believe that a certain thing exists, that thing will become real.

Even if what you believe is real in the subjective thinking but is unreal in the objective thinking, it will become true precisely because you believe it is real.

Subjective thinking could be somewhat compared with a dream. When we dream, we are unique observers of something which is not real but looks like it is real. We are conscious about the ‘reality’ from the dream and we believe that the ones who we are in the dream are the real ones. But we are just simple observers.

You could say that the world we live in is made of our thoughts. It is not like they are not real but that they are real in our mind. If you think about it for a second – every house, person, object in this word was present in the consciousness of some other person before it actually appeared in this world. For example, someone thinks about their house before the house will actually be built. A couple thought about having a baby before the baby was born. The Law of Attraction is a very powerful tool for altering reality. 


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