Law of Attraction -Change Your Thinking

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Is it possible to create some kind of an imaginary universe where you are the ruler and everything that exists, does so because you want and acknowledge that it exists?

Subjective thinking wouldn’t be so subjective if it didn’t have a subject. One of the most important things in the theory which lies at the bases of the Law of Attraction is the observer. The observer is the one who makes the ‘attraction’ process possible and is the person who is applying the Law. This consciousness can perceive what is happening in the reality created by subjective thinking and that is why it is important to anchor the mind in the position of the observer. This method is called the process of pivoting the thought process.

The events from a dream are somewhat dependent on our minds. In our dreams, whatever our unconscious mind believes is real. Subjective thinking does the same thing.

As any pivoting movement, you need to establish a fixed point around which you will be pivoting. The fixed point is any desire, purpose, wish, intention or resolve you want to fulfill. The pivot is deeper if you invest a stronger decision in it. People who have stronger mindsets are destined to achieve greater things in life than the rest.

Your desire must be one and the same with the pivot. For example, you want a car. You need to have the feeling that everything which happens is leading you a few steps closer to achieving your dream. It is like the entire universe is working to fulfill your desire. Everything from your thoughts to the environment will look like it has in mind to give you a car. You begin getting offered different opportunities. You will feel like you are the right person, at the right time and in the right place. All good and bad situations will guide you to achieving that supreme purpose you always had in mind.

All those who apply the Law of Attraction create thinking pivots in order to make their dreams come true. This is a very big step closer to their dreams. 


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