Law of Attraction- Be Positive About Bonuses And Lotteries

The mentioned story about the old person, God and the lottery ticket is a theoretic example. When we talk about the real thing, the situation is quite different. People are curious if the Law is effective if you buy a ticket and start to strongly believe you will be the winner. What will happen? What will happen if more people believe they will win the same jackpot? Those who buy more tickets and play every time should definitely win, right?

Those who buy tickets and believe they will win have a really good start but they don’t continue the right way. The question is if the Law of Attraction is applicable in the case of lottery winnings.

Of course, it can be applied in this situation. You shouldn’t expect to win the jackpot from the first time. Be positive all the time and be grateful with any amount of money you get. Stay optimistic and only good things will happen to you. Your positive mind will attract only positive things, people and situations. Don’t expect only a lottery ticket to bring you an incredible fortune.

There are some limitations though. Don’t be greedy when using the Law of Attraction. It is a law which acts when you adopt a balanced and serene way of thinking. If you want to win a specific sum of money, you are forcing the universe to do a certain job and the outcome won’t be satisfactory. Also, being unpleasant with the result or the amount of money you got will have a negative effect on the future results. Don’t let your strong belief be shaken by grumpiness, disappointment, sadness or greediness.

Try to talk with a person who won a sum of money at a lottery. They will definitely tell you that they have imagined themselves in the winning position for sometime in their life. You will also observe their positive thinking and optimistic perspective.

Start right now to think, imagine, visualize and be happy. Don’t cross the lines or become greedy. Accept everything as it is and soon enough you will live your dream of having a lot of money.

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