Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters is a British novelist.She was born in Wales in 1966. she is well praised for her work. She has won many awards including Author of the year.

She got interest in writing novels when she was researching for her thesis for PhD, which inspired her to choose the themes of her novels especially the first novel “Tipping the Velvet”.All of her novels are based on lesbian themes with the exception of  “The Little Stranger”.

In 1998 she wrote her first novel “Tipping the Velvet”, this novel took eighteen months to write. This novel won 1999 Betty Trask Award and in 2002, this novel was adapted into a three part television serial for BBC Two and it was translated into many languages.Her second novel was published in 1999 titled as “Affinity”, this novel was also setted in the Victorian era,centered on the world of Victorian spiritualism..She combined her interests in spiritualism, prisons and the Victorian era in novel “Affinity”, which tells the story of the relationship between an upper middle-class woman and an imprisoned spiritualist and it won the Stonewall Book Award and Somerset Maugham Award.This novel was adapted into a feature film.Waters’s third novel “Fingersmith” was published in 2002, and was adapted into a serial..Her fourth novel “The Night Watch” came in 2006 and it took her four years to write this novel and it was also adapted into a serial for BBC Two.Her recent novel “The Little Stranger” published in 2009 and it is the only novel of Waters’s which is not based on lesbian theme.Now a days She is working on her next novel which will also have lesbian theme like her other novels. It will be published in 2012.

All of her novels are adapted into serials and feature film except the last novel. She is included in finest novelist and she is praised for research intensive work. Sarah Waters received many awards for her work.She was named as one of the Granta’s 20 Best of young British Writers and Author of the Year in 2003 and the same year she received the South Bank Award for Literature.She was elected a fellow of Royal Society of Literature in 2009.In 2005, Waters received the highest bid (£1,000) during a charity auction.

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