Assesment – Definition And Implementation

Generally, people just identify with the evaluation activities to assess, because the activity measure is included therein. Measurement, assessment and evaluation is an activity that is hierarchy. This means that all three of these activities in relation to the learning process can not be separated from one another and in their implementation should be carried out sequentially.

Concept Evaluation

According to the evaluation of word sense language derived from English, which means the assessment or evaluation assessment (John M. Echols and Hassan Shadily: 1983). According to Stufflebeam, et al (1971) defines evaluation as “The process of delineating, obtaining, and Providing useful information for decision Judging alternatives”. This means that evaluation is a process of describing, acquire, and present information that is useful to formulate an alternative decision.

Evaluation is an activity measure and assess. measure more quantitative, while the rate is more qualitative.

Viviane and Gilbert de Lansheere (1984) states that evaluation is the process of determining whether the material and learning methods are in accordance with the expected goals. Determination can be done one of them by way of giving the test to the learner. Seen there that the reference test is the purpose of learning.

Concept Assessment

Assessment (assessment) is the application of a variety of ways and use various assessment tools to obtain information about the extent to which learners learning outcomes or achievement of competence (the ability of the circuit) learners. Assessment of answering questions about how well the results or learning achievement assessment didik.Hasil a participant can be either the value of qualitative (narrative statement in words) and the value of quantitative (numeric). Measurements related to the process of finding or determination of the quantitative value.

Assessment of learning outcomes is basically concerned about, how teachers (teachers) may find the learning outcomes that have been done. Teachers must know the extent to which learners (learner) has understood the material that has been taught or the extent to which objectives / competencies of learning activities that are managed can be achieved. Level of achievement of competencies or instructional objectives of the learning activities that have been implemented that can be expressed by the value.

Concept of Measurement

Measurement is the determination of scale, dimensions, or capacity, usually against a standard or unit of measurement. Measurement is not just limited to physical quantities, but can also be extended to measure almost everything imaginable, such as the level of uncertainty, or consumer confidence.

Measurement is the process of giving numbers or labels to the units of analysis to represent the attributes of the concept. This process should be quite understandable though such people do not understand the definition. This is because among other things we often take measurements.
Difference Evaluation, Assessment and Measurement

Based on the definition above authors concluded that the assessment is a process for making decisions by using information obtained through the measurement of learning outcomes using either a test or nontes. Measurement is to compare test results with established standards. Quantitative measurements. While the judge is to measure the activities and conduct measurement or estimation of the results of comparing and not to the degree keputusan.Penilaian qualitative decision.

To be more clear distinction then needs to be specified again for understanding masing2:

    Evaluation of learning is a process or activity to determine the value, or criterion-judgment action in learning.
    Assessment of learning is an attempt to get various information on a regular basis, continuous, and thorough about the process and outcome of growth and development has been achieved by students through learning activities.
    Measurement or a measurement is a process or activity to determine the quantity of something that is numerical. More quantitative measurement, even an instrument to perform the assessment. In the world of education, which is the measurement as presented Cangelosi (1995: 21) is the process of collecting data through empirical observation.

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