7 Secrets of Permanent Fat Loss And Fitness

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If one of your New Year’s Resolutions, like my wife and me, is to lose weight and get fit then we need to start with a new attitude. Basically that means 100% commitment to this very daunting task. Losing weight has never been fun for my wife and me. We get hungry, have headaches and are irritable; and then use every excuse to eat something we should not have and claim it’s due to stress. We are following a program that is already working and have thus far been very pleased with how it fits into our lifestyle.

Eating fat burning foods and getting proper exercise are the keys. So if you are not into eating the right foods and adding an exercise routine nothing will change. Our meals are delicious and filling and prepared by my wife and me from the local grocer’s shelves instead of arriving pre-packaged in a box.

Here are the 7 Secrets to live by if weight loss and fitness are really your goals:

(1) You have to make a lifestyle change

If your idea of fitness is going on a diet for a little while and taking a few aerobics classes, you’re probably not going to succeed.

(2) Exercise Less but with more intensity-about 15 minutes each session

Not many people have ever told you to exercise less instead of more, right? Would you believe most people are exercising too much?

(3) Focus on the right foods that are nutrient rich. We’ve all seen the fad diet books and plans that promise all sorts of fabulous weight loss with very little effort. However, they require you to follow very unusual ways of eating that are not really common sense. The plan we are on has lots of great foods from your grocery store: some of which will surprise you.

(4) Know the numbers: what does this mean? If you don’t know the numbers, you have little chance of success in fat loss and fitness. If you’re not tracking what works and what doesn’t work, you’ll be using a shotgun approach that will take much longer.

(5) Surround yourself with positive people–VERY IMPORTANT! If you don’t have support from your family and friends no weight loss program will likely work. You may find like we did that your family and friends may be making you fat!

(6) Get a coach or mentor-have someone you can talk to or chat online with that will give you encouragement and be able to answer your questions. This coach or mento could be a personal trainer who is also emotionally supportive, or it could be a combination of a friend or relative or motivational expert.

(7) Be a doer, not a talker-if you stated that losing weight was one of your resolutions for 2012 then stick to it.


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