Important Information For Potential Nursing Students

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Today we are being bombarded with medical dramas on television where we see a glorified version of the nursing profession. People are being lead to believe that is a profession that takes weeks not years to train for. In reality there are applications and interviews that must be completed before you even begin to do the course and clinical work. Once you have completed your education you then need to pass a state licensing exam so that you can legally work as a nurse. The sad thing is today that a large number of young people enter nursing school because of what they see on television not because the really want to be nurses. The nursing job can be very rewarding but most of the time you feel as if you are unappreciated and underpaid and you will wonder why you decided to become a nurse in the first place.

Young nurses begin their training with a feeling that they are going to be a world famous nurse who is loved by everyone and who is going to heal every sick person they meet.  You would be surprised at how many people actually say this when being interviewed for nursing school. The reality is that most of these young hopefuls have no clue what the nursing profession really involves. They do not know what will be expected of them on daily basis and sadly a large percentage of nursing students will either quit or change professions within the first five years of working on the job. When considering becoming a nurse you should try to meet with a nurse or spend a day shadowing a nurse or person who works at the hospital so you can get a firsthand view of what a nurse really does. You may be surprised at what you will learn by spending a day with a nurse.

Given the chance to talk with an experienced nurse could invaluable and there are a number of things that you are sure to hear:

–        Your education will teach you the fundamentals the theory needed to be a nurse but your true education and training will be learned on the job. This is not to say that the years you spend in school are pointless but when you are working on the job you will be working with real life cases that will require you to think and sometimes work outside of the box.

–        This is not a nine to give job. Nurses usually work twelve hour shifts and if you work in an area where there is a shortage of nurse you may need to work longer and have fewer days off. You will need to be able to work on very little sleep and you can expect to catch up on sleep at the hospital in between shifts at times.

–        The nursing profession is a serious profession. You will have the lives of patients in your hands and if you do not take it seriously there could be serious repercussions. You must be able to speak to patients in a manner that they understand and at the same time you must be able effectively communicate with doctors and other medical professionals to ensure that they understand a patient’s condition.

–        The nursing profession is not glamorous. There are times when you work with a patient and they do not immediately get better. In cases such as this you will need to hurt them in order to find out how to make them better. 


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