Arun Panchariya

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As you know Arun Is an capitalist with different kind of business interests and wide experience in many fields. He started with running family-owned businesses, and quickly moved on quickly to bigger business responsibilities. Having tasted success in the trading of commodities, he ventures in to the financial service world, and was the founder member of an FSA regulated firm in the United Kingdom. Arun Panchariya was also the President of a DFSA regulated firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Arun has over fifteen years of prosperous experience in financial services including private evenhandedness and retail banking, with a leg on each side of across a broad range of geographic location and deal sizes. He is experienced in trading of direct equities, futures commodities, derivatives and other financial and money market instruments. He offers advisory and consulting services for international offerings of Indian listed companies and has strong ties with debt providers and equity sponsors.

Arun Panchariya Hobbies and interest

Arun takes a keen interest in polo, and has captained his team in various polo championships. A firm believer in karma, Arun is religiously inclined and strongly believes that faith in God builds the foundation of a humble personality.

Arun Insights in Indian Banking System

In a bid to calm doubts of inflation and economic crisis, the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Monday believed that the Indian banking system is strongly regulated.

“The policies and strategies being adopted in India have proved to be very useful particularly after the world experiencing economic crisis in US and later in Europe in this globalization age under which any small country like Greece can also affect world economy as world is narrowly interlinked on Monday,” said Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in Pune on Monday. Arun Panchariya was addressing staff members of the Bank of Maharashtra during his visit to bank’s headquarters.

Famous Quotes of Arun Panchariya

, “Indian banking system is strongly regulated. Some of the foreign banks collapsed only because of lack of regulations and their over greed attitude. The corrective measures done in 2008 crisis, seems to a failure as Euro Zone crisis is happening again. Over the years, India is making its journey towards achieving economic freedom since attaining political freedom 64 years ago.”


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