Washing Machines Top Loading vs Front Loading

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If today you intend to buy a washing machine, you will be faced with a choice of three types of washing machines available on the market. In order to make the right choice, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of the existing types. That choice is with the opening of the washing machine (top loading) or a washing machine with a front opening (front loading). For washing machines with the opening of the divided over two tubes and a tube. The difference is not only the location of the openings (which you can enter apparel) but differing in terms of water use, electricity, technology and the results of the washed clothes.

First, we see what the difference between the opening of the washing machine 2 tubes and 1 tube. When the washing machine with two tubes, a place to wash and dry in a different tube. In this type during the washing process, there is a propeller that spins at the bottom of the tube and do the washing process. While on a tube, tube for washing and drying is done in the same tube. This tube also rotates during the washing process.

In terms of water usage, with the opening of the washing machine uses more water than washing machines front opening. This is because the opening of the washing machine, water must be filled to the brim new machine run. While on the engine front opening, water will be released in small increments during the washing process. For electricity used at the opening of the washing machine or a front opening, generally about the same which is about 300 W when using plain water. On the front opening washing machine, there are additional facilities for washing with hot water, but electricity is needed about 2000 W.

The most basic difference of these two types of washing machines is the technology used. Opening of the washing machine for horizontal rotation causes the water in it form a vortex which causes the clothing wrapped around each other. In contrast, front opening washing machine resembles a vertically rotating wheel rotation causes the clothes always falling down so that clothes are not wrapped around each other. Results laundering front opening washing machine better than the opening of the washing machine, because the same technology used clothing slam. Level of drought that resulted in the washing machine of this type reached 95% while the opening of the washing machine only produces 70% level of drought.

In price, the front opening washing machine is more expensive than other types. Washing machine with two tubes cost less than US$ 100, the opening of the washing machine with a tube costs around US$ 100 up to US$200. While the front opening washing machine sells for more than USD 300.


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