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                                                                         KEEP SMART

  •  Today every where we see people are fat ,obese and unable to walk due to over weight.This complication will lead to so many diseases. People are trying hard to some how to get rid of this ailement. We can find body trimming fat clinics in every nook and corner of  cities. It is such that many rich people can afford to pay for gym and the poor may not be .Now public personalities are trying hard to reduce the fees of the gym..By the by we can reduce our body by taking some healthy natural dietics. Now we can see this step by step

  • Turmeric powder works effectively to keep one slim. Turmeric helps to reduce fat and high cholestrol. This will also keep the blood pressure normal by regulation of blood circulation.

  • Like turmeric, cardamom also plays a dominant role in reducing fat and obesity .It is a thermogenic medicine .It increses the apetite of  stomach .It improves  quick digestion and increses the amino acids 

  •  Red chillies when added to as ingrediant to  food will burn calories.  It produces an enzyme Cepcacein and it  also provides sufficient heat even after half an hour of calories burn out. 

  • The leaves karuveppilai has a hot enough substance in reducing fat .This will burn out cholestrol and toxicity developed very effectively.

  • The vegetable garlick and its extract  contain lot of sulfur and vitamine.So all the bacteria and viruse can be killed easily.

  •  Pulses contains vitamine a .b c,e  ,calcium, iron and minerals like potassium .These  also contains lot of fibre and reduces diabities.

  •  If we take diluted butter milk mixed with asofateda ,pudhinhara,kothumalli ,it will reduce fat and weight. Also  if it is taken frequently it  makes people slim

  • The higher  intake of malts like corn ,.kambu.and raagi in our food and taking them  as kanji also makes people to reduce obeisity,fat weight and normal calories.So it is very widely used along with going to gymnasium and other  aerobics to give total smartnes.

  • The intake of clove and clove barks also produces enzymes and it acts well in type 2 diabities.It controls sugar and triglycerides that produces fat 

  • We can take a few pieces of almond ,saffron often. This will make people  slim with sufficient fairnes.The use of the above said sietics with some mild excersises and gymnasium will make smart ones personality

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