Twitter Marketing: Marketing With Twitter Made Easy

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Marketing with Twitter can be an excellent way to reach a segment of your audience, no matter what niche you are serving, or the products or services you are offering. However, you cannot expect to be an instant Twitter success overnight. Here are few tips to help with you your Twitter marketing strategy.

Finding Followers

Finding Twitter followers is an important part of marketing with twitter because you want to get as many targeted followers as possible. Start by utilizing the search feature embedded in Twitter to look for potential customers in your niche. Click “Who to Follow” to see suggestions from Twitter based on who you are currently following, browse interests, and “Find Friends.” Type in your niche in the browse interest section to see a list of people to follow. Use the “Find Friends” feature to find people you already know on Twitter based on your various email contacts through Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL.

If you use Google Analytics, or another website analytics program to track your website traffic, login to the analytics account and take some time to really look at the keywords that are bringing people to your website. The people who find your website through search engines are people you want to find and connect with on Twitter. With a handful of keywords in tow, use the browse interests feature again to search for people who come up with your keyword phrases, and follow them, too.

Engage with Followers

Don’t just tweet about yourself, your products or services, or your website all the time. If you want people to really take time to listen to you, engage them with more than just marketing and sales pitches. Follow people who follow you back, and take a bit of time to get to know them.

While you should post relevant information about who you are and what you’re marketing, you should also take time to post things from others that your audience will find useful in some form. Share stuff from other people more than you share your own!

Posts questions or comments from other people about whatever it is you’re marketing. Don’t be afraid to use Twitter as a customer service platform of sorts. Many large corporations watch Twitter streams for people talking about them to help address their concerns, and you can, too.

Use Twitter to Drive Traffic

With only 140 characters per tweet, Twitter isn’t really the place to have a long conversation. Use your space wisely, to drive people to your website where a more in depth “conversation” (blog post, press release, etc.) is taking place about your product or service.

These Twitter marketing basics will help get you started on the right path to Twitter marketing success. Put effort in every single day, and don’t disappear on your followers, or you can expect to work doubly hard to get people listening to you again.


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