usbhub.sys causes blue screen and vista and xp to crash – fix it now

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The fatal blue screen of death which is part of the microsoft operating systems displays information about a system or hardware malfunction.

usbhub.sys is a hardware driver responsible for the usb ports to function. This driver has been poorly designed by microsoft and is solely responsible for it. No action which you have done has caused the usbhub.sys error to occur. On the microfoft website there is a solution to fix this, although this is tedious and is a bother to the end user who uses the computer daily.

The solution microsoft posted involves removing the device from the icon in the bottom right hand corner in the system tray. Removing the harware like this is supposed to stop the crash when you shut the computer down. The usbhub.sys error which had involved the blue screen appearing just before the computer shut down, right at the last minute.

In my senario, I was using a multiport usb extender (a usb device which u plug in that has more usb ports for use), the microsoft solution did not work. The usbhub.sys blue screen error continued to occur.

The solution for this was to remove the usb extender and plug each usb device directly into the computer usb ports. This removed the system crashes that occured from usbhub.sys

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