What Are The Benefits of Using Dect Mobile Devices in an Office Environment?

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Telecommunications has made a rapid advance. Telephones have gone through a number of beneficial changes in style and form over the years. Previously there was no alternative to the cordless phone, in homes and offices; these were the most popular modes of communication. However, the latest technological advance in phones are the DECT phones.

DECT is an abbreviation for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications; it has been used in Europe for many years. They first appeared in the mid-1980s when European technologies were in search of a replacement to the cordless phone. In January of 1988 two of the best cordless phones were combined to form DECT. This was approved by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. They offer a number of advantages that you will not get with a normal phone and they can greatly improve your communication experience.

The DECT phone is made to operate in locations where the user rate is high; they have a 1.9 MHz frequency. You are able to have a number of phones in different locations for convenient access, and there is a base where all phones operate from.

The DECT phone is an advanced version of the cordless phone, and they have a number of special features, they utilise radio communications, enabling a connection back to the base for receiving calls, or making calls using other phones from the same station. DECT also comes equipped with internet and wireless capabilities expanding the communication range. The advanced technology of the continuous management of channel usage selects the right one automatically, which limits performance drops whilst on a call, providing a clear and fluid connection, even if there are other people on a DECT phone nearby. In addition they have high security and scalability. No matter how many handsets that you have in use, they always offer a superior performance. They are also light in weight, with a slim and sleek appearance.

DECT phones also have the Generic Access Profile (GAP), enabling the phones to work together with base stations. The benefit of being GAP enabled is that it enables handsets from different manufacturers to work from the same base station for making calls.

They also come equipped with a DECT plus technology, which prohibits any interference from different networks. They also have the Intelligent Eco Mode, which means that even when the phone is used close to base energy is conserved reducing the amount of time required to recharge.

They are extremely beneficial within an office environment due to the expansion of communication possibilities and they have a usability range of approximately 300 meters. It is a necessity to have a cordless phone in today’s environment, big businesses and small offices have been able to take advantage of DECT ever since it merged with EPBX systems.

DECT mobile devices are of particular advantage in a call centre environment where the majority of time is spent on the phone, at the same time as using the computer, or performing writing tasks amongst others. DECT is also available as a wireless headset, enabling employees to increase their productivity in the workplace. With a wireless headset, you have the same function of a handheld phone but with the benefit of being able to operate it without the use of your hands.

One of the major advantages, particularly in today’s economic climate when busyness are trying to cut costs, is that DECT phones do not need a lot of power for operation, they are relatively cheap in comparison to other telephone devices in terms of their cost effectiveness. Many companies report an increase in savings on electricity after the installation of a DECT mobile device.


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