Maximizing Your Computer Potential

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After doing so many studies on potentiality, I have come to discover that not more than 20% of the people living in the world today properly maximize their inherent God-given potentials. This has become a major concern and problem in the world today. Everyone has potentials that could be found the form of talents and gifts so why should people live far below the level of achieving their dreams when they have all it takes to do so on the inside of them? There are so many reasons why this is that way.

Many people don’t appreciate and value their talents or gifts. Some don’t even know that they have talents or any gifts that they can be maximized to their success in life. Others have been deceived by the environments where in they grew up to believe that such talents don’t work here and hence can not work any where else. In whichever case, potentials are real and highly significant to the success of everyone in life. That’s why it necessary for you to maximize your computer potential in order to be successful in this fast growing computer world where many things depend on computers to be done. Now the question is how can anyone maximize or make the most efficient use of his or her potentials to achieve a great deal of success in life? That brings me to the story of J.J Musong from Numan in Adamawa State of Nigeria. This story will help you to see how your potentials can spin you into a success zone instantly.

Some missionaries from Denmark came to Nigeria on a missionary journey and landed in Numan. When they visited the church that morning, this young talented singer and dancer with his dance team were running a presentation that was so unique and wonderfully attractive. These missionaries who had never seen such a passionate unique form of traditional and contemporary blended dance style were excellently thrilled by the performance. They decided to invite J.J Musong and his team to Denmark and together they left for Denmark as they finished their missionary assignment. That was the beginning of international open doors for this young man and his team. He returned with enough possessions and money that sponsored his first music album. My pastor often invites him to our church for ministration any time we are having our thanksgiving services or any big event that has room for ministrations.

That is the same thing your own talents and God-given potentials or gifts can do for you. They will expose you to every good opportunity around your neighbourhood and beyond and hence the need for maximizing your every inherent potential. To do that, you need to understand and use the following principles:

One: Discover who you are. Know yourself. Self discovery is the first answer to the question of how anyone can maximize their potential. When you know what you can do and start doing it like J.J Musong discovered dancing and started doing it, you are sure of greatness in life. Your greatness in life is tied to how well and effective you can maximize your developed potentials. You must know if computer is really your field of interest or you will be wasting your time.

Two: Develop your self. If you discover who you are then develop the who you are. One of my greatest beliefs is that everyone can always improve if they choose to do so. Improvement is the largest room in the world of development. Only knowing that you can operate a computer does not make you a computer expert. You must develop yourself through better exercises that are sure of taking you to a greater level of computer knowledge. Self development calls for reading more about your area of interest or calling, asking questions and visiting relevant places to increase your knowledge.

Three: Work hard. Many people don’t understand the true meaning of hard work. Hard work is not physical exertion of strength in hard labour. Hard work entails concrete planning and goal setting. When you set goals and go all out to realize them as desired, you are really a hard worker. Thorough planning and goal setting leads to excellent achievement and a great deal of success not only in the computer world but in life generally.

Finally: Use the power of synergy. Two good heads are better than one, so goes an adage. In the multitude of counselors the Bible says there is safety. Don’t depend on yourself to do everything. You don’t have the strength to achieve in one hour what ten people put together can achieve and that is exactly what you stand to lost whenever you decide to do things in a solo way. Use the ideas others contribute and be equally contributive. Allow others the room to teach you their own principles of how to set goals and achieve them.

You will not fail in life as you choose to maximize your potential today.


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