Wife Battering,causes And Effects

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Battering is the act of beating and injuring the  wife ,in some cases the  husband .This act is as old as humanity itself. Be that as it might, this act has caused major distress in families the world over .The causes of wife battering are many  that even a book of many pages could not explain it all .Wife battering reduces the self esteem of women and children . In the cases where a man is the victim, the self esteem of the man involved will be at an all time low. I will examine some of the causes of wife battering.They include 


One of the major causes of wife battering is culture ,some cultures especially in Africa and some other continents inadvertently support wife battering . I  can narrate my experience here to butress my point .In one of my many junkets all over the world to eke out an honest living.One day i came across a woman battered and bruised ; what a pretty woman she was . However, years of  pummeling has turned her into a has been .I   was in a police shop in that country to sort out some immigration problems when the woman came in with  a baby of less than six months old  loosely slung on her back .She was weeping profusely ,with parts  of her lips hanging ,driping  with  blood .Immediately  she stagered  in , the police started making fun  of  her telling her that  she must have done some evil to deserve this kind of pummelling .My heart bled on the sight of this  woman .I kept mum because after all i couldn’t drink panado for another  person’s headache.Suprisingly , even a police woman who was supposed  to show sympathy was immersed in laughter with her  male  coleagues.  I gave  myself a hard pinch to make  sure i wasn’t on a dream island.  It was then it  dawned on me that this could be a cultural orientation, the man is always right.

Family history

The next cause of wife battery is family history .Male children who grew up watching there  mother being used as a punching bag  may likely emulate there  father as  they grow up . Baring any psychological shift,most children will see it as quite normal .The female children may also see it as the normal thing to be beaten and reporting any form of abuse would  be out of the question.

Alchohol and substance abuse

Thirdly, one of the  major causes of wife  battery is alchohol and substance abuse .Most men that abuse substances and achohol in most cases has no control  over their  emotions. They can turn violent  just like the press of a button. There was this    case of a man in one neigbourhood that  when ever the man is about to come home ,the wife and children will start scampering for safety because they know that something is about  to turn ugly.This usually happen after a drinking spree.


Thirdly ,ignorance plays a  major role in wife battering ,some men see there  wife as their property whom they have  to wipe into line.  Simply because they  have paid some form  of bride price or the other .Some  men in developed world desist from this act not because they  want it that way .However because  of the stringent punishment attached to such acts, most think twice before making such moves.


The last cause of wife battering is ego , some men beat there spouse just to prove  that” i am the man”.  All they needed was a  liitle excuse  .They  would  pounce on their wife to prove some silly point and massage their ego.Sometimes infront of their like minded friends.     I   will not forget to mention that   it is not only women that are been battered .  There was this  case where a  man married a woman  twice his size and since then he sleeps with one eye open. Since  he doesnot know were the next blow will come from .Most  times, he walks  around with one form of injury or the other and explains it away as accident .This days we know him in the street as “Mr accident”. Infact,there are millions  of such men scattered all over  the world suffering in  silent just like our own Mr accident.

The effects of wife battering are legion but i will  mention just a few. Some of the major effects is low self esteem and violent dispostion from children who grew up in such environment.


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