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What’s not to love about eBooks.  They’re completely portable; cheap and come in a variety of topics.  These fun online publications provide an easy way to learn new things without spending lots of money.

If you’ve never read an electronic book, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.  Here’s a list of eBook benefits.

  • There are millions of free and low cost ebooks available online. You can save up to 90% or more off the regular retail cost when you purchase a book in electronic form. An eBook (or electronic book) is completely digital and lives on your computer, where it can be conveniently accessed and read anytime.  This simple feature lowers the cost of production and allows you to have access to information for a much lower cost and often free.
  • Hundreds of categories to choose from.   You can find eBooks that cover any subject including fiction and non-fiction;  digital photography; child care; children’s fiction; adult fiction; suspense; romance; mystery; parenting; marriage; relationships; dating; home repair; personal finance; auto repair; Internet marketing; beauty tips; weight loss and so much more.  There are literally millions of free and low cost eBooks available on the Internet.  No need to look far.
  • Ebooks are completely electronic; meaning no trees were destroyed in the process.  Most paper based books end up in land fills, polluting the Earth and environment.  Even if you pass the paper based book along to a friend or charity, the next person who reads it may toss it in the trash.  When you buy a paper based book you are only encouraging the problem.  Do the responsible thing.  Save a tree, read an eBook.
  • Ebooks are portable.  You can read an eBook online or download to your computer; burn to disc or save on a USB flash drive and share with coworkers.  Truly portable!  And, when you’re done, you simply pass the eBook link along to a friend.
  • Most eBooks are available in .pdf (portable document format) which is compatible with both IBM and Mac computers.  In order to read an eBook, you will need to download the free computer software Acrobat Reader from Adobe.  Next, download or open eBook of your choice by clicking on on the eBook link or icon. Acrobat Reader will automatically open the ebook.
  • Ebooks are safe. Formerly eBooks were created in .exe files and often contained dangerous viruses. These infected eBook files circulated the Internet infecting all host computers and being passed along to other computers to do more damage.  But then eBook publishers switched to the portable document format and eliminated the risks.  The .pdf format eBook is immune from viruses and cannot infect your computer.

Now that you’ve heard some of the benefits of reading, why not read a few eBooks of your own?

Here is a collection of my favorite ebooks.

Click the link or photo to go to read.

Water to gas: How to make your car run on water Tired of spending a small fortune on gas every day? Go green! Convert your car into an Earth friendly machine that runs on water. Click to read the book.

Home Repair: Save money by doing your own home repairs. All the info you need to know.

New Additons:
100 Questions and Answers about buying a home
Handbook of Veterans Benefits from the Federal Government
Cashing in on Government Auctions
Guide to losing weight
A parent’s guide to the Internet
Prevent Identity Theft
Bankruptsy basics
Protecting your credit during divorce
Credit Matters: How to get good credit
Tips for Investors
Investing in Bonds
ID Theft: What’s it all about
How to do your taxes
Homeowners guide to crime prevention
Healthy eating on a budget
Borrower’s guide to home loans
More free ebooks here


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