Is Drinking Carrot Juice Healthy?

Drinking carrot juice is beneficial to our health. The nutrition of carrots includes phytonutrients with anti-oxidant properties, vitamins A, B and E and minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

If you are diabetic or a candidate of diabetes however, is it right to be cautious of its sugar content before enjoying and drinking carrot juices.

Drinking carrot juice may be the better option in consuming carrots. See, 120g of carrot contains approximately 5.5g of sugar. The glycemic index of a raw carrot is at 30; when cooked, it may rise up to 90; when juiced, it is at 40. Drinking carrot juice during or after a meal helps control sugar spikes that may be caused by the sugar from carrots. Note however, that the glycemic index of carrot juice is already lower than its raw or cooked state.

Drinking carrot juice is not only good for the eyes. It also helps boost ones energy level and defense system. It is good for pre-natal care; as well as maintaining health bones, teeth, skin and nails. Because of the anti-oxidant contents of carrots, drinking carrot juice helps lower the risk of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer for instance.

Not all carrot juices are the same, though. Drinking carrot juice is best when made from fresh raw carrots rather than buying the pre-packed ones. Many of the manufactured juices today contain more sugar and additives than what the body really needs. That is why it pays to juice your own carrots. In order to benefit more from drinking carrot juices, opt for the fresh juices with no additional sugar added. Besides, carrots have enough sugar in their own right.

Is drinking carrot juice healthy? Drinking carrot juice daily will bring a lot of health benefits to the body. If you’re concerned about sugar, limit it to half a glass and remember to exercise to burn off the calories. Whether its from drinking carrot juice or eating sweets, sugar is sugar is sugar. It can be burned by proper exercise like running or walking.

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