Applications In Apps Market to Reach Nearly 1 Million

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Mobilewalla, a site and search engines that monitor the development of mobile app stores in cyberspace, said that the current number of applications in the apps market to reach nearly 1 million or more precisely 989,476 applications. Wow, Finally!! Applications In Apps Market to Reach Nearly 1 Million.

Applications on the Apps Market is constantly increasing from year to year and even from day to day. Additionally mobile internet users is increasing every time. This adds to the growth opportunities in the apps market applications around the world. Currently we are not fixated Internet play in front of a dektop computer again but it could be anywhere and with any gadget that provides internet facilities.

Figures 1 million is predicted to be reached next week for steady growth in which applications run 2000 applications increases every day. This amount represents the total number of existing operating systems, including BlackBerry OS, IOS, Android also Windows Phone.

The most rapid growth occurred in the year, in which the Android Market to be the largest contributor of applications has increased from 115,000 to 319,774 applications. Apple Store was ranked second with growth of 338,000 to 589,148 applications.

Competition application starts in July 2008 when the iTunes App Store was opened followed by Google’s Android operating system when it launched in October 2008. Then, followed by the opening of the app marketplace by RIM with its BlackBerry and Microsoft with Windows Phone platform,” said Anindya Datta , founder Mobilewalla.

Today, Apple’s App Store has a 59.95 percent market share with about 590 148 applications, while Android Market is in second place with 320,315 applications with a percentage of 32.54 percent.

Of the total applications, entertainment category tops the list with a percentage of 16.68 percent, which followed the games category of 13.36 percent. The following structure:

The number of applications in the Marketplace by the operating system:

1. Apple App Store app = 590 148

2. Android Market = 320,315 applications

3. BlackBerry App World = 43 544 applications

4. Windows Marketplace app = 35 479

The percentage of applications by category:

1. Entertainment 16.68%

2. Games 13.36%

3. Lifestyle 8.02%

4. Utilities 7.13%

5. Education 7.08%

6. Travel 4.84%

7. Business 3.76%

8. Referense 3.73%

9. Music 3.32%

10. 3.28% Health & Fitness

11. Productivity 3.09%

12. Sports 2.925%

13. News 2.85%

14. 2.71% Social Networking

Hopefully this Market Apps growth could trigger the growth of world economy for the better. Moreover Market Apps can trigger du business opportunities the internet world. The future is clearly seen in the communications world today. How do you think?


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