What are the ways to get visitors to your website?

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What are the ways to get visitors to your website?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Its a buzz word and almost every bloggers claimed to know what it is all about but fails to bring their blogs to the very top of search results. It is more complex than an average Internet users could understand. The key to SEO is to focus of keyword density but at the same time, keeping it moderate.

Back-link Sites

Basically, it is an exchange of links with these websites. You add their web address link in your blog and vice-versa.

Web Forums

Most people placed links in their signatures. Ask yourself, how many times have you ignored those completely?

RSS Feed

This is one of the more efficient way which allows your friends and visitors to subscribe to your postings of your website or blog. They will be alerted whenever you post something new.

Article Marketing

Write about it and link it with ‘anchortexts’ in the article. Basically, if your article contains some keywords that can be linked to your other articles or your blogs, it is always wise to do so to get more traffic.

Social Bookmarking

Of late, this has been a very popular way to bring visitors to your website or blog. However, the initial idea of incepting social bookmarking sites is to let members share the sites, which they like with other members. Well, it has turned into a promoting instrument for websites. All you need to do is submit links of the website or articles and insert as many relevant tags as possible.

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