Mark Zuckerberg Collapse Accounts Due Bug

Be careful storing photos on Facebook if you do not want to be seen by unauthorized persons. Moreover, to store images that are very personal. You should think a thousand times before doing so. Latest news from facebook, Mark Zuckerberg collapse Accounts Due to Bug. The founder of Facebook apparently being targeted by prankster.

Facebook recently conceded by the discovery of a bug. Ironically, the victims are themselves the founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

These vulnerabilities are the result of malicious programs that exploit a bug on Facebook. This program allows others to access specific account and see all the photos in it even though access has been restricted and locked.

Given this gap, a Facebook user was able to access personal photos Mark though the photo has been locked and restricted access. Whether for sport or indeed other aims, personal photos of Mark re-published on a website featuring a variety of activities and the activities of daily life.

In one picture, it looks Mark was chatting with President Barack Obama in a meeting. Fortunately, there are no photographs that invite controversy, so this bug problem did not develop in another direction.

Responding to this, Facebook explains that they have improved and closed the gap on existing bugs. Facebook acknowledged an error in the system that causes the problem. Facebook also said that not all users affected by this bug, although not described in detail who will be affected.

In order to enhance additional security, Facebook provides a dedicated link to the Facebook users who find security holes and report them to quickly followed up by going to

Interested to see pictures of Mark? You can see it in sites that have been uploaded by the person who made it into his account.

My Advice for you, For those of you who still like to use facebook, be very careful in expressing his personal side and your daily life in facebook. Do all sides of your life contained within Facebook, forget to charge you a complete biographical data as this bia dsalahgunakan by another person who intended it. Think of Facebook as a medium of communication among friends but not as your daily diary.

This is for the safety of privacy, your financial security and of course your personal life as well.

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