How To Be A Traveling Nurse.

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1Where to start: It is a good idea that if you are just beginning your career in nursing to have at least 1 year experience in a clincial setting. Travel nursing first began in the 1980’s to help cover staff shortages. Step2The assignments: Im sure your wondering by now about the actual work, the assignments can vary in length being anywhere from 8-52 weeks you can choose and if you choose you can also extend an assigment. To work as a traveling nurse you have to sign up with a traveling nursing company. Step3To get started:
1. choose a company- do your homework, find out how long they have been in business, what they have to offer.
2. Complete an application- after you have found a company that your comfortable with you will need to fill out an application.
3. Talk to a recuiter- they will be able to help you in finding the right assignment and whatever else you may need upon accepting the assignment.
4. Choose an assignment- once you have talk to the recuiter go over carefully what is available to you, then choose.
5. Interview with the facility- once you choose an assignment you will need to have an interview
6. Begin the adventure- once you have been offered the assignment and all final arrangements have been made the adventure starts.

Note. You need to have to be a Licensed practical nurse, or a Registered nurse to qualify to one of these postions.


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