Some Things Are More Scary Than Korea's A Bombs

 Intelligence agencies from the USA and other Western countries have been giving out dire forecasts of the end result of Korea having nuclear weapons. But Korea already has nuclear weapons and the world is none the worse for it.  But the west does not think so and are even more worried that the successor is a 28 year old man who will have his finger on the nuclear button. It is being repeatedly pointed out that Kim Jong-Un is misfit for the mantle of the ‘great successor’. What worries the USA is that not only does North Korea have nuclear weapons; it also has the 5th largest army in the world.

The Western powers are shouting from the rooftops, that the Korean leadership may be unstable and may use the nuclear bombs it has at any time. Frankly the fact is that Korea with its leaders like Kim Il-Sung and Kim Yong –IL haven’t attacked anybody for 60 years. So are they really sadist morons? The West led by the USA would have the world believe that   the Korean leadership may  start a nuclear war and as such some action against Korea is called for.

But there are more deadly things than the nuclear weapons of Korea and one of them is the H5N1 virus. This virus was first isolated by Dr Ron Fouchier in his laboratory at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. The H5NI virus created global panic after it was isolated in 1996 as it had a kill rate of 60%.  Luckily it transpired that the virus was not infectious.  It could not infect a person a  in local train..

But there is a flip side to this as well and Dr. Fouchier thought of mutating the virus and carried out experiments in a controlled environment. It was found that the virus could be transmitted through the air. Dr. Fouchier opined that this could also take place on its own in nature.  If such a thing happened millions could die.

What is more dangerous? The H5Ni virus or the nuclear weapons with  some  ‘great Leaders’ Koreans ?  What stops some terror groups from conducting the same experiment as Dr Fouchier and letting loose the H5N1 virus in the USA. ? Please remember that there are more scary things then the nuclear weapons with some recluse Korean leaders.

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