You Have to Keep Giving To Be Effective In Networking

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People who are in networking always have to begin with giving something to someone. This is also based on the old adage that says “give, you will receive” and it works well with the networking business.

Giving is one way to make people get interested in you. Always be ready to give something. Even if you give a simple card, it is still giving and it will help. People will not be ready to get associated with you when they hear about your opportunity for the first time.  They will want to take their time, they may even decide to go home buying their time. However they can go home and they can take time to think about what you told them and they may be interested to call you.

However when you get to arouse more interest then you will have to give something tangible with utilitarian value. You can give something like a bookmarker or a keychain. These things will not cost you too much but they will make the person keep you in mind. This is among the best ways of networking. Even companies that are already earning multimillions will tell their employees to use these things when they network.

You can also give in different ways. You can organize a get together and you can invite people who can be prospects for your network. You have to be clear about it. Let these people know that you will be talking about your business opportunity. Many will still come just because it is free dinner and drinks. Some may even give it a try since they feel they are obliged because you fed them.

The most important thing is that if you are able to socialize with people in this way, they will be able to know you better.  They will understand your personality. Many people can equate the business with the people who run them. This will be seen profoundly especially in the networking industry. Many people may decide to join you since they liked you. This is why in networking, you have to take time to indulge others sometimes. The word that you give gifts will be passed on to others and many people will be interested to know more about the opportunity you are offering.

Instead of thinking what these gifts will do to your wallet, you have to first think of the benefits you will get because of them. It is certainly a good idea.


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