Try To Meet New People

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Your network opportunity will always increase if you meet new people. The law of proportions will apply here because network is about the numbers game.

You already know how the law of numbers can be used when you are networking. Let us make an imaginary illustration now. If you meet 3 people a day and you talk about your opportunity to them, the odds are high that none will be willing to join you. However if you are able to meet at least 30 people, it means that there are some who may be willing to listen to you. Therefore begin to think of what will happen if you are able to reach 300 people every day.

This will work with direct proportion – if you are able to reach a lot of people, then you will have higher chances of building a bigger network. This is why people who are in the networking business will do whatever it takes to stay in touch with as many people as they can.

However, you can ask yourself how you can reach 300 people every day. If you are not aware of it yet, some of the networkers are able to reach thousands of different people each day. If you do not know how they do it then you have to think about how many people you can talk to if you hold a workshop or a seminar. If you already have a modicum business, you can use a seminar to promote it. Take time to advertise the seminar and let people know that they can join for free. Add some free coke and snacks if you are able to afford it. You do not have to worry about the cost, consider it as an investment. You have to make sure that your speech is inspiring and at the same time beautiful. It will not be a bad idea if you can talk to a professional writer to help you with this. Be at your best and give people a chance to gain an incentive when they sign in. You can give a chance to get a new incentive for the people after 3 days when they join. You will see that many people will be willing to join at once while others will join after these 3 days.

This always works. If you cannot see too much success with your first seminar, you will have to wait to see how the subsequent one will be. This will need you to be able to build your confidence. When you are able to host more seminars, you will become more confident and you can turn out to be the best speaker that everyone wants to listen to. You can also get help from personality building courses. In whatever you do, you always have to keep looking at what is going on around you. You have to try to network to everyone who comes at least three feet near you! This is what is known as the Three Feet Rule and it is famous in the networking industry. People who are in your proximity will always want to listen to what you are talking about.

Remember that every person who will enter into your network also has the job of bringing other people. Therefore, you must use any opportunity you get for networking with new people. 


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