Networking Has Changed

The first step that you have to take is to get rid of all the stereotyped impressions that you may have formed about networking in your mind. You will be able to unleash your full potential when you are able to see networking in a new and proper light.

Many people do not get involved with networking because they have already had a bad mental association with it. They think that networking is down-market and this is bad publicity that it is generated about it.

As long as you have this view about networking, you will not be able to do anything good with it.

Begin by thinking over this.

      If you are networking, it means that you will be reaching out to many people. It is true that may be 8 out of 10 of these people will not be interested in what you will be saying. However, the remaining two can get interested and they can see that what you are saying is important and can be beneficial to them. They will agree that what you are telling them is great. Therefore if you consider the viewpoint of these two people, you will be doing a great deal when you reach them through networking.

      You may have a view of networking as something that is brazen or even ribald. This can be the reason why you think that you have nothing that will entice you to associate yourself with it. You may also get the idea that you will be intruding or interfering with people’s lives when you network with them. However, with modern life, you have too many options that you can use without even having to meet these people face to face. Social networking websites made things easier for people who want to network but who are introverted.

      This has helped to remove pressure from anything else that can make you be reserved about networking. You have only to put in effort and your time. You do not have a hard task since the internet already has many options that will interest you.

It is true that the internet has changed networking from what it was before. Now it is easy to get someone who is interested to join the network and all you have to do is to market to them. Chances of being rejected are lower now than before. 

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