It Is Important To Find The Right People

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Just like with anything else, you will find that there are bad and good people in networking too. The network works as a chain. Any weak link in this chain can spoil the show. Many networkers make sure that they get as many people as they could in the network without taking enough time to know if these people will become assets for their team or if they are actually liabilities. It is better if you do not spend too much of your energy on such weak links. You may need to waste most of your time prodding weak links to work for the team. Even if they can do it, you will be losing your valuable time that should have been used to encourage or to get more people.

Therefore, the question here is how to identify people who will be good for your network. Experts in networking will always look for the following types of people.

      People who can introduce you to many of their friends

      People who have many family members

      People who have a position in large organizations and it is better if you look for those in high positions

      Members of a popular club

      People who like to travel a lot

      Church members especially those who are active

      Those who like to host or to attend parties

      Natural entrepreneurs


      Leaders in the society regardless of where they are placed

These people can benefit your network since they have many people whom they will just talk to when they have decided to join your opportunity. Another benefit is that these people are in a prominent position already, therefore there is no need for any other proof to know that they already have a great personality. This will help you when you are together and when you begin to build the network.

These people also are easier to be convinced. This is because they are already entrepreneurs who are ready to take more risks. They will not dismiss your opportunity as soon as they hear about it; they will take time to think about the cons and pros before they make a decision. They will choose to take up the opportunity more often than to refuse it. This is because they are always ready to try everything new. When they join, they will make sure that they use all their efforts to succeed. 


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