Getting Back To People Is Important In Networking

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Networking cannot be a onetime success and you have to continue trying.

Studies have shown that a first meeting is never likely to clinch any business deal, however, the second meeting can work. When you meet a person for the first time, he does not know you; even if you may have known them. Regardless of your experience as a networker, it can be hard to convince them.  However, things will be quite different when you meet them a second time. Normally the second meeting will be scheduled by the person you had given your contact to the first time for example, like a visiting card. They have already pondered about it until they have decided to talk to you. When you meet him in this scenario then they have already made up their mind that they need you. Therefore, the second meeting will always help you to close the deal.

However, this will not mean that you have to sit around waiting for people to call you. This is because it can only happen in rare occasions. The common thing to do is to try to get back to them yourself. Always note down the name and number of every person you have given your card to, you can ask for their cards or you can write their phone numbers down. It is better if you make this effort to record everything, this is because it will be easier to get back to them.

After the first meeting, you will need to call the person at least after three days and you can ask him if he is interested or not. There are some who will not be interested, others will be interested but they still might be a bit reserved. Schedule a meeting and make sure that you clarify everything that they do not understand. The second meeting will be likely to go smoother than the first one.

For the second meeting, the other person is already aware of who you are and what you talk about. Even if they meet you for the second time, you will need to talk to them more about your business opportunity. This will be a better way to help them decide whether they are willing to join your network or not.


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