What to Look For When Purchasing a Flat Iron

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A flat iron is an indispensable tool when it comes to straightening the hair.  However, not all flat irons are created equally.  A high-quality flat iron will straighten the hair while minimizing heat damage, and will be constructed to withstand the rigors of daily use.  Lesser-quality irons may straighten the hair effectively, but they may also cause the hair to become dry and damaged through regular use.

When choosing a flat iron, here are some design features to look for:

Ionic Technology: Ionic technology allows hair to be heated from the inside of the strand out, resulting in minimal heat damage and hair that is sleek, shiny, and frizz-free.  These irons usually feature heating plates made from ceramic, tourmaline, or jade.  Although many cheaper irons claim to have ceramic heating plates, the ceramic coating is usually very thin and will wear off with use.

Rounded Plates:  The heating plates on a flat iron should have ends that are rounded.  The rounded edges of a heating plate will allow the user to straighten hair as well as curl it.  If the plates do not have rounded edges, users will only be able to use the iron to straighten hair.

Adjustable Heat Settings:  Certain hair types can withstand higher temperatures.  For instance, fine hair can be straightened at a much lower temperature than hair that is coarse or thick.  A good flat iron will allow the user to adjust the temperature to their specific hair type.

Ergonomic Design:  Straightening hair that is very long or excessively curly can put strain on the wrists and shoulders.  A good flat iron will be lightweight and ergonomically designed which will provide greater comfort when straightening the hair.

Brand Name:  Professional stylists only choose tools made by manufacturers of professional salon equipment because they demand quality and reliability. Avoid brands sold in retail stores, like Conair or Remington.  Instead, look for a brand which is used and endorsed by professional stylists.  Quality brands of flat irons include CHI, HAI Elite, GHD, Cricket, and T3.

These are the things that professional stylists look for when purchasing a flat iron.  These features are what separates a high-quality flat iron from an ordinary flat iron.   By following the same advice, potential buyers will be able to purchase a new flat iron with ease and confidence.


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