Best Types of Rollers For Short Hair

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In the world of hairstyling, short hair is considered anything that is chin-length or shorter.  For women with short hair, finding the right styling tools can be a challenge.  It’s more difficult to use a curling iron or a flat iron on short hair, and the likelihood of burning is high.  Therefore, rollers are one of the best options for styling short hair.  But which types of rollers are best?

The answer depends on the type of style individuals are hoping to attain.  There are three main types of rollers, and each one has its benefits and drawbacks.  Here are the main types of rollers and how they are best used on short hair.

Magnetic rollers:  These are the rollers most of us are familiar with.  Magnetic rollers are plastic cylinders which are secured to the hair using metal or plastic roller clips or bobby pins.  The name has nothing to do with magnets, of course; they are called that because wet hair will “stick” to the surface of the roller.  Magnetic rollers provide the strongest curl pattern and also provide the most volume.  Choose magnetic rollers if a style that will last all day long is needed or to achieve a ton of volume.

Velcro rollers: These are shaped like magnetic rollers, except that the surface is covered with tiny plastic projections, much like the prickly side of velcro. This allows the hair to stick to the roller without the use of clips or pins.  Velcro rollers can be applied quicker than magnetic rollers, but do not provide as crisp a curl pattern.  These are ideal if for those looking for a softer, more natural curl formation. Velcro rollers are the best bet for very short hair.

Hot rollers:  Hot rollers are plastic rollers which are heated.  Unlike magnetic and velcro rollers which are set in hair that is wet or damp, hot rollers are designed to be used on dry hair.  Hot rollers offer the least amount of curl and are used primarily to give the hair more body and a slight wave.  Unfortunately, they are not easy to use with very short hair.

While all three types of rollers can be used on short hair, the choice boils down to the amount of volume and the crispness of curl desired.


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