Shaving The Head: How to Get That Shiny Look

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Having no hair is wonderfully liberating.  No more bad hair days, and no more expensive trips to the salon or waiting your turn at the barbershop.  Simply lather up each morning with shaving cream and shave your haircare worries away.  While maintaining the bald look is easy, the best way to maximize the visual appeal of a shaved head is by adding shine to the scalp.  Here a few tips that will allow you to add more “chrome” to your “dome”.

Practice good shaving technique.  For a scalp to shine, it is a good idea to minimize razing bumps, nicks, and scrapes.  This means doing away with cheap disposable razors and upgrading to something better, like a Gillette Mach 3 or a Schick Quattro.  Also be sure to use a shaving gel or cream with extra conditioning ingredients like aloe.  

Use lotion or moisturizing cream.  If you are bald or have a shaved head, the scalp will be exposed to wind, sun, and other elements that may strip moisture from the skin.  Use an unscented lotion or moisturizing cream daily in order to maintain a healthy moisture balance.  A well-moisturized scalp is a healthy scalp,  and if you are bald or shave your head this step is important if you want your head to shine.

Oil the scalp.  This is the final step, and the step that will allow you to get that shiny bald look.  Not only will oil provide a deep shine, it will also protect the scalp from being chapped by the wind in the winter and burned by the sun in the summer.  Far and away, the best oil for this job is olive oil.  Used for centuries for haircare and skincare purposes, olive oil provides miraculous conditioning qualities as well as nutrients to the scalp.  For best results, massage a dime-sized drop of olive oil onto the scalp after shaving and applying lotion.  This finishing touch will protect the scalp and make it shine.  Coconut, almond, jojoba, and grapeseed oils also work well, although they are more expensive.

Basically, that’s all there is to getting that shiny bald look that will turn heads.  It all comes down to three simple steps: good shaving technique with quality shaving products, basic scalp care with a moisturizing lotion, and olive oil as a finishing touch.


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