How to Flat iron your hair without killing it

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I don’t know about you but I want my hair to be soft and healthy regardless of what I do to it. So I have outlined some steps to keep it that way if you regularly use a flat iron, Curling iron and or hair dryer..

Things You’ll Need:

  • Deep conditioning treatment
  • Flat Iron
  • Heat defense
  • Leave in conditioner

Step 1

The most important Step is to make for sure that you use a Heat shield of some kind on your hair prior to using a hot iron, Hair dryer, or curling iron. This will block a lot of the damage that the heat can cause.

Step 2

Now if you are gonna use a flat iron I have one that has a manual heat setting this way I can choose the temperature that I want. Mine goes all the way to 30, But I never never use it any hotter then 15. You are trying to straighten it not melt it..

Step 3

I also use a hot oil treatment on my hair at least once a week, This really helps my hair to stay soft and shiny.

Step 4

About once a month when I go in to get my hair trimmed I have them do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair, If you have never had this done I highly recommend it you will see such a difference in your hair. Plus it only costs about $10.00 to have it done.

Step 5

And the last thing that I do is I use a leave in conditioner all of the time right after I wash my hair it kinda works as a shield also blocking to much damage from the hair.


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