You Have To Draw A Line Even In The Deepest Friendships

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Regardless of how intimate a relationship is, there will always be things that should never be done or said.

“Everything is fair in love and war.” However, this cannot be applied to friendships.

Even in the closest friendships, there are things that cannot be said or done. This means that the friendship is not totally absolute. There are many cases where friends have hurt each other until they have become sworn enemies. What can make this happen? This takes place because friendships cannot be as forgiving as they are made to seem. A person who is one of your best friends today can wish never to see you again tomorrow.

This does not happen because the friendship was not good enough, this happens just because something important has been overlooked – friendship always has to be mutual. You need to give as much as you want to receive.

You have already forgotten the reciprocation that is the main ingredient of a happy friendship. 

Here are some behaviors that must be certainly avoided in any relationship.

Do not be too possessive

Do not consider your friend as a property and you should never play with his emotions, he is also someone who has desires and feelings like you have. He may want to have his own way sometimes and you should be accommodating. You may destroy your friendship whenever you become too possessive with your friend, when you make a face if he hangs out with others, when you begin to tell him what he should do or what he should not do.

Do not be too critical

Sometimes a friend can agree to some criticism from a friend, however, things take a different turn when the criticism goes overboard. Criticisms that are unwarranted are not always appreciated. If you would like to ask your friend to improve on something then you have to find the right occasion to tell your friend about it in a cautious way. You have to make your friend feel as if you are not demeaning him. This is the same way that you have to take his criticism too. Do not be too critical about your friend since you may push him away forever.

Do not fail to honor your promises

There are different promises that are made between friends. It can be in the form of meeting somewhere, to stand up someone without a good reason can be unacceptable in a relationship. Friends have to be genuine and frank to one another and this will prevent ugly occasions. If you are not able to honor something that you have agreed to then be clear about the reason that you cannot do it, your friend will understand. 


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