You Have To Be A Good Friend Yourself

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You cannot expect that someone will be a friend to you without being a friend to him in the first place.

Friendship or different human relationships require that you reciprocate. You will get whatever you are able to give out. You have to do to others as you would have liked these people to do for you. This is important when you need to foster new friendships.

If you want to be friends with someone else, you will have to begin by being a friend to him yourself. For example, your friend may want to go to a movie and you may not want to do it. You should never refuse to accompany him outright. This is because even you may need your friend to take you somewhere that he may not like. In case you refuse to do something that your friend wants you to do simply because you do not want to attend, then you will be sure he will also turn you down soon.

People are built with inherent selfishness in them. However, it cannot be used in case you would like to build a new relationship. In case that you wish your friend to be always there for you then you have to begin by being there for him.

In case you see your friend weeping then you have to figure out what the matter is. If you are not able to do this then you cannot expect him to be considerate when you are passing through hard times.

Being attentive to your friends’ needs is important in any friendship. A friend does not need to tell you everything that goes on in his life, sometimes you are just expected to understand without using any words. You will be a good friend in case you are able to guess what is going on in his mind and to react in an appropriate way. You will be able to do this as you come to understand your friend better in the future. When you see something in a store and you think that your friend will love it, you can buy it for him. If you give such things to your friend, he will be happy not because you have given him something but because you have kept in mind his special tastes.

Conversation between friends can be considered as the best form of conversation, this is because you are able to talk about anything without being bridled by anything. However, you have to be conscious of what you say. You should not use any demeaning talk. Sometimes you may need to criticize your friend, however criticizing your friend all the time can bring a negative impact in the relationship.

You may have a different talent than your friend, however, you should not keep rubbing it in his face. You always have to remember that your friend also has some talents that you do not have.

Treat others in the way that you want to be treated. This is nature’s law and it always works. 


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