The More Friends You Have The Merrier

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Romance could blossom in solitude while friendships blossom in Company.

If you are out there to make friends then you have to keep in mind that you should not focus only on one person. This is true with friendship always. Sometimes you can be in a romantic relationship and you may need to concentrate on that person alone, however, it is good if you have more people to think about and enjoy life together. You can also think about any relationship that involves your lover such as families that you may have together. This shows that there will always be someone else to think about as far as you are not on an island and you do not spend all your time alone.

This is the same principle that has to be applied to any friendship. When you want to gain new friends, you should not concentrate on your friends alone. You will have to consider friends of your friends too. You should never expect your new friend to leave his old friends even if you will be having much fun together. Even you should never leave your old friends. Sometimes your new friend may say that he had never had as much fun with anybody before you, do not agree with them instantly since it is not what he means most of the time. He still loves his old friends and he will always prefer to be back with them any time.

This is the reason why you can try to involve these people in your programs. You can ask your new friend to come with more friends from time to time. You can plan for a corrective outing if you find out that your friend likes to talk about someone, you can tell him that you would like to meet the other person too.  This will help you in two different ways; first you are able to meet a new person and you will look nice in the eyes of the person you have already met.

You can also think about making a celebratory party for this new friendship. Call all your friends from both the involved parties, this can be a great way of knowing different friends of your new friends. You will feel comfortable with the new group in no time and you will be opening a door for more potential friendships because of the small party that you have already organized.  You will find that you will be invited to several parties and dos in turn!


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