Friendships Have To Be Nurtured

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A few days into the relationship will help you decide if the relationship will wither away or will last. Sometimes the relationship can take place automatically; however, in case you may wish that it lasts long, you have to put in more effort. It has to be taken care of as a potted seedling. It is delicate and small at this moment and you should water it, fertilize it and give it enough sunshine so that it can thrive.

It is the same with a relationship; you have to begin by breaking the ice for your first meeting. If you have talked with a person and you found out that you might like him then make sure that you left an option for meeting again. In case it is a club or a class, you do not have to be much concerned since you are likely to meet again. Sometimes the friendship can begin in strange places such as buses. If you meet anyone in this way, you can only give your name. He may also reciprocate by giving his own name. You can also give him your phone number and ask him if he would like to meet you some other place like in a banter or a coffee shop. You can set this for a weekend. This is a crucial step since it is the way to show interest in the other person.

If you meet a new person on a regular basis, you have to make sure that you do not talk with the person heavily. Make it look as a chance conversation that took place between yourselves and that you never planned it. This can just be in the form of accompanying a person to his home or you can take him for a bite somewhere.

A good and lasting relationship starts well. However, it is important to be more careful during the first days. You have to listen well and to keep everything you heard in your mind. Remember always to recall your friend’s name, what he does, where he lives and the people who your friend is talking about. If you can talk about things that you remember about him when you meet again then things will be much easier between you.

Do not sell yourself to another person. In order to make a new person like you, you may think about giving more information about yourself which is not a good option. Let the conversation flow naturally and do not try topics out from the blue since they can make any outing boring.

Do not be pushy in the first few days. If you have already planned to meet somewhere, take time to ask about a next outing too soon. Feel right from the beginning of a relationship. You can ask your friend to suggest the date when he would like to meet you again, you can ask him to bring some of his friends next time that you meet again. This is to ensure that you have loved him because of who he is. 


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