Develop A Friendship That Lasts A Lifetime

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Relationships are meant to last, if they don’t then they are not friendships.

Friends are those who will stay with you until the end, people who sail with you for some time are just acquaintances.

Sometimes a change in life can make us lose some of our friends. This can happen when we have graduated from a college and venture out into the world, when we have to leave a workplace and move cities. However, you have to think again. In case you lose such friends, it means that they were not friends in the first place. This will mean that they were only acquaintances. However, this works on both sides, in case you let these friends slip away, it means that you were not a true friend in your turn. This is because any true friendship will never end regardless of the reason. Therefore, a change in circumstances is not enough to let go of a good friendship. You cannot lose a friend regardless of the reason. Parting can be called a growing process but it should never end the friendship.

You have to ensure that your friendship will last for life.

In case you are away then you can think about sending a letter, card or an email to show that you cherish the memories you have spent together. Now it is even easier because of the many options on the internet to keep in touch. There is normally no reason that will make friends drift apart.

Even if you will be meeting new people wherever you go, it doesn’t have to end your old friendships. Sometimes some of these friends can seem too fascinating, this does not mean that you have to lose out from the friends who have stayed with you in the past. If you consider outgrowing your friends then you have to think about this – how will you feel when one of your friends joins a new club and starts to hang out with new guys leaving you out?

Friendship has to go beyond everything else. True friendship has to be more than meeting and hanging around. It means that you have to keep each other in your minds. If you are no longer together physically, you have to keep thinking about your friend. Are you able to criticize your friend about things that you do not like about them when you are with other people or does his birthday still excite you? This means that you friendship is going to last forever.

All of these will depend on the things that you are doing with your friend now, things that you share together and how often are you there for each other. This will make it difficult to outgrow one another. Do not hold back from expressing your opinion. In case your friend has cooked for you and you like the food, just compliment him. When you are away, your friend will always think about you when he cooks that particular menu. He can remember you enough to decide to call you and arrange to meet with you again. If a single compliment is able to rekindle the friendship then think on how an entire conversation can make an everlasting friendship!


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