Single Parenting by Choice

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Not all single parents were left alone with their children by a deadbeat.  They are also not sitting at home stressed because their plan of trapping someone into a relationship failed.  Families headed by a single parent are not all the result of teenage pregnancy.  Many times the pregnancy was planned.  All single parents are not on welfare and many do not receive child support.  The vast majority of them are not bitter.  They have a child to raise and no time to worry about what could have been. 

Some women and men choose to raise their children by themselves.  While some people may think this causes undue hardship on the children, that is not always the case.  Many single parents have great support systems.  Those who choose to raise children without a partner know they have to multitask.  Single parents have to work a little smarter to raise well-balanced children, but if you ask a single parent who is doing it successfully, they wouldn’t have it any other way.  At the end of the day, the single parent doesn’t have to share hugs and kisses.

In a perfect world, having two parents in the home means that chores are divided equally.  However, as most married parents know, convincing the other parent to change a diaper usually takes more effort than it is worth.  Single parents just change the diaper, without the hassle of trying to get the other parent to pull their weight.  Single parents do not have to negotiate with the other parent on issues regarding the children.  When a single parent makes a decision regarding their child, it is final.  Single parents do not have to worry about their children going over their head to the other parent.      

Single parents are excellent time managers.  There is little room for unexpected glitches in routine.  Children of financially stable single parents are happy and healthy because their parents are happy and healthy.  Every single parent is not in search of a mate to help raise their children.  Though it may not be an ideal situation, raising children without a partner is possible.  Many single parents, both men and women, are doing it alone and are very satisfied.


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