Android Bear Down Its Strong Rival Iphone

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The newest info comes from the market of mobile phones nowadays causes the commotion in society. As we know that many brands of mobile phones provide the variety of products which have incredible features. But actually the market of mobile phone especially smart phone is dominated by two famous mobile phone brands’ products, iPhone and Android. If we watch carefully at the rates of each two products, it surely can be denied that actually the Android products defeat the products of iPhone. This reality actually can be well accepted since nowadays the vendor of smart phone which brings the Android operating system becomes popular. The features which are offered from the basic level up to the high level of Android products recently are being favorable for the consumers.

The coming of Android itself actually brings such specific expansion in the smart phone market. The newest blooming indicates that the sale of Android substantively outfight the products of iPhone. These two huge smart phone products actually master the major sale in smart phone market in recent years and iPhone mostly takes the bigger rates. Surprisingly, recent news informs that the amount of iPhone products sale is being defeated by Android products. Actually the strength of Android appears clearly since Android provides the adorable operating system with plenty of features but offers the cheaper prizes. It actually is the contradictory with the iPhone which is actually offered in the more expensive ones.

Not only offering the well operating system, Android also provides lots of applications which can be enjoyed by the consumers. The products of Android themselves are provided by many vendors so this reality actually attracts the customers to tend to choose Android products rather than the iPhone itself. Moreover, nowadays Android has been already dominating the half of the smart phone market, which is approximately 53%. The activated Android products reach the level among hundreds of new devices in the whole word. This achievement totally reveals the evident that Android achieves the better sale than iPhone does.

The vendor of smart phone which nowadays brings the high device of Android system is Samsung. Actually Samsung has been standing in providing many kinds of smart phone products but the best sale which is reached well by Samsung is the Android products, especially the series of Galaxy. The Galaxy series offered by Samsung become the favorable ones for the customers since these series offer the sophisticated Android based system which is offered in less expensive prizes. The sale of the Samsung Galaxy series substantively defeat the sale of the iPhone series and it is really amazing since actually iPhone has been dominating the market in several years and nothing can defeat its superiority. Android has proven that it also performs the best quality as the iPhone serves and astonishingly the result of the Android products is really incredible.


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