Does Your Cat Eat Your House Plants?

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Eating plants can be very dangerous for cats.  Many house plants are very poisonous to cats.  You must stop your cat from eating your plants.  You must remove the plants or put your cat in an area where there are no plants.  If your cat makes a meal of your Dieffenbachia plant it might be his last meal.

Check with your local nursery and find out which plants are poisonous.  There are many non-poisonous plants to choose from so why take a chance on your cat eating a poisonous one.  Even if your cat is well trained to leave the plants alone no cat is perfect.

If your cat loves to munch on plants do not deny him this pleasure.  Get him his own special kitty garden.  There are many kitty herb gardens available.

Do not assume that your cat will automatically dine in his garden and leave your plants alone.  You must teach him that this vegetable garden is for him.  Show him the garden.  When he starts eating it praise him.  Let him know this garden is just for him.

When your cat is eating from his own garden regularly it is time to bring your plants back in.  “Teach your cat to stay away from them.”

Start with one luscious plant that is edible.  Paint the underside of the leaves with hot chili oil.  Spray the top of the leaves with a perfume diluted about 1 to 100 with water.  You do not want your entire house to smell like perfume.  You just want the plant to smell so your cat will smell it.  Place the plant in the center of the living room floor and let your cat investigate.

Make the plant more irresistible by tying a length of string to a couple of leaves and tugging on it from a distance.  “This will entice your cat to approach and hopefully take a bite.”  If he does he should run off in search of his water bowl.  After about a week move the plant to a different location in your home.  Reapply hot sauce and perfume everyday.  When you are sure your cat is no longer interested in this plant bring in another one and give it the same treatment.  If your cat does not touch it you can bring the other plants in one at a time.  “Spray them with the diluted perfume.”  You do not need to use the hot sauce as your cat associates the smell of the perfume with the hot sauce.  Regularly spray your plants with the diluted perfume.  Remember to encourage your cat to eat the plants from his kitty garden.

When you get a new plant be sure to give it the perfume treatment.  It might be a good idea if you have some plants that are poisonous to give them the hot sauce treatment occasionally.

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