Swtor Smuggler Strategy Leveling Guide

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Star Wars The Old Republic is most desirable and awesome MMORG game in 2012. There are over five different classes for players to choice such as Trooper, smuggler,Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Bounty Hunter and more. Smuggler class is the best among all.

Searching for Smuggler guide that provide step by step instructions, strategies and tricks that lead complete top 50 level less than a week? If yes, then you jump into the right page. Here will share with you how to succeed in Smuggler class with more agile and fun with quality SWTOR Smuggler guide reviews.

If you don’t want to be a Jedi or a Trooper in SWTOR, then Smuggler is a right class for you. It easily control with various of movement such as dodge, roll and tumble that help you to avoid opponents attack. Plus, Smuggler have stylish fighting moves and best blaster move that what make it different from other.

Before you choose Smuggler as your class, you should understand her skills and advance power. Yes, i didn’t spell it wrong! Smugglers are girls. Smuggler act like Rogues in WoW but it more exciting and enjoyable to play compare with Rogues. It mostly provide support from distance instead of flight face to face like Jedi. The Smuggler class is a DPS, a medic healer and great defective machine.

During battle the Smuggler play an important role that help to healing, debuffs and combos to kill foes. Energy is her weapons and skills, but those energy will depleted easily if not use it wisely. You need to attack with strategies and planning by using Smuggler classes instead of running into battle blindly.

Their armors is light that allowing full range of movements.   There are two different paths in Smuggler advance classes either you become a Scoundrel or a Gunslinger. The Scoundrel is a backstabbing thief that will kill anything that step between the way to win the battle. She is a debuff and great for raids. While for the Gunsliger is act like DPS system that will use dual-weilding blasters to win her way.  

If you don’t have confident and still lose on how to master Smuggler classes, then you should get a quality SWTOR Smuggler Leveling Guide to help provide right instructions to become best SWTOR Smugglers.  

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