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I am sure many of you using Internet through Mobile also. As its not easy to carry our computer with us all the day, Mobile is very important thing for some Internet work. Now do you think a browser of mobile is also important? Yes it is. Just read this and I am sure you will say that browser can make the difference.

All mobiles contain their default web browser in them. But better we download opera mini browser which is available for almost all phones and also FREE. It can really make the difference. How?? It can really save money for you. I am not talking it’s like a piggy But you can surf on internet more using this browser than the normal. Just see the below image and you will get what I am talking about.

Just check this image:

 Just see the difference between opening FACEBOOK from the normal mobile browser and from the opera mini. With normal browser for opening face book site, it will take total 201 kb of your internet. And opening same site with opera mini it will only take 24 kb !!! Means you can open face book site more than 8 times in opera mini with the same data (kbs) which you are using in normal browser for opening it just once. See also difference between other sites.

What’s the secret???

It is not like secret. Opera mini is just compressing site page at server side and than sending it to your mobile browser. Means you are getting page with the compression. And to open that compressed page your mobile browser will not spent more data. Means you can open same site more times with the same amount of data because you are getting compressed page.

So you can clearly count the benefit!! I mean it’s really beneficial for those who having limited Internet Plan because they can save lots of data for opening a single site using this browser. And that saved data they can use for opening same site again or can use for opening some other site. So it is like benefit in all the ways.

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