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Hello Friends 🙂

I am talking about Prince of Persia.. I am sure many of you had played this game during your school time and had lots of fun. Even my first game on computer was this one. But it was the 2d and here I am talking about the 3d action game of the same title. If you are Action lover then surely you should go for this game.

Its all about prince and his kingdom and how he fights with enemy with different swords and cool techniques. Yes in this game you don’t have weapons like guns and other(lol) but still its very cool fighting features even with the swords. Great 3d experience and slow motion during fighting really makes it cooler. 😉

There are total three parts :: (one more but its only for ps3 and xbox)

Prince of Persia : Sands of Time

Prince of Persia : Warrior Within

Prince of Persia : The Two Thrones

I still haven’t played the first one.. But I have heard that first part is even more good than the others. I guess almost all first parts of anything (like movie) are the better one. ha ha. And I am already fan of this game by playing the second and third part. So surely I would like to go for the first one soon.

In the second part, Warrior Within, It’s all about prince left his kingdom and go for his search about one foretell related to his life. Here we fight with the different enemies during his journey. And the biggest challenge for him is to escape from the enemy called Dhaka. It’s like this enemy follow him in whole this part. And you just need to dodge the all things comes in the way and reached to the destination. Also its like prince has to finish this game in two parts, Present and Past. And during game prince turn into black prince with some super power. So the whole second part is full of mysteries and lots of traps. And I liked this kind of games.

In the third part, The Two Thrones, Prince came to his own kingdom and saw that its already in battle field. He looks that his friend caught by the enemies and you need to rescue her. And for that you need to pass through lots of enemies ( A BIG enemies) lol. But still its a good game to have fun.

So if you are interested in action games, like lots of trap and mind games with full of actions, then this game is surely full fill our interest. I really enjoyed this game thoroughly. 


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