Gta :: Move in Your Own Virtual City

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Hello Friends 🙂

I just got this game from one friend. I don’t know whether it is popular or not. But surely it is interesting. Its name is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I guess Vice City is one part of this game. And I would like to collect the other parts too.

Very cool game with the very cool virtual city. In city where you can move your character like your own way. And can have all the fun which you can’t have in real 😀

With the character you can move freely in virtual city and do many stuff. From Roads you can choose any car and ride it. I am not talking about having lift. You can just choose any car or your dream car running on road and can snatch it from the owner by throwing owner out of the car. And can ride it the way you like. Its surely fun. Not only car you can use boats, bikes, helicopters, plane and many more like the same way. So you can feel like riding your dream vehicles in this game.

Fun is not only limited to driving.. You can go to any market and choose any cool clothes for you and that even without any money. he he.

Don’t forget you will be follow by all the police men after those bad works. ha ha.. But you can run or hit the police too. You can snatch weapons from them and use against them. Which is surely not possible in real life..LOL

Do you want to be police man? Don’t worry you can be one in this game. You can wear uniform and follow the instruction of being the police man.

Actually this game is all about finishing task. But I love this game by playing like my own way that I mentioned above. Surely it is the good option where you are alone or time pass.

I guess this is the one game which your system should carry!!! If you are alone or even with friends, this game is full of time pass.

Are you having it ? 🙂 


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