Holiday TV Classics Dvd Set

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The Holiday TV Classics DVD set is a collection of 49 shows which are holiday themed around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  It is comprised of 4 DVDS.

The artwork is fine.  All the disks have the exact same image of a decorated Christmas tree.  Two are red, and two are green.  On each is a very hard to read list of what shows are on each disk.  This is the only listing of what the disks contents are.  These are mostly shows from the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties and all but one or two are in black and white.

The front of the case has a publicity still of the cast of The Beverly Hillbillies.  The back has a color shot of Ozzie, Harriet, David, and Ricky Nelson, along several small square blocks of other stars, like Jack Benny and Jack Webb.  There is also an alphabetical list of the shows included and how many episodes of each show are included.  It does not name the individual episodes.

The first disk also includes the virtual fireplace, which is the yule log crackling.  It’s probably the best transfer in the set.  It’s very vibrant and inviting.  There are a couple of chapter marks, which is helpful in viewing.

The individual disks are in black paper holders, so no quality there are all.  They simply sit inside the case holder.  I hate it when that is how DVDs are packaged.  It’s not only cheap, but they can damage the disks.

The quality of the TV shows vary a lot.  These are not pristine sets.  Watching Lux Video Theater is the best representation of that.  The sound goes a bit in and out, static can be heard in the background, and the picture is not all that sharp.  The goal, though, is just to see these shows again.

Some of the off-putting aspects about the collection are things like an episode of The Jack Benny Show where the audio track is off and one of The Beverly Hillbillies episodes which doesn’t employ the standard theme.  Conversely, one of the really neat things is that several of the original commercials and promotional bits are included. I also like that all holiday episodes from a specific series are included together and not separated from disk to disk.

This set is for those who are happy just to see some of the old classics.  It is not for those who need to have the best picture and sound out there.


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