All Potential Friendships Start With An Ice Breaker

This is the second step in establishing a friendship. If you have already met new people you may have found many who have the same interests as you. Each one of these people is already your potential friend. The task remains on how to establish contact with them. This means to break the ice so that you can speak with them.

This is challenging, since most of the time the first impression is the impression that will matter for the rest of the relationship. If you begin on the wrong foot, the friendship will not survive.

Relax. The first thing to keep in mind is to never take this problem too seriously. Think of the benefit that you will get in case you will be able to establish this relationship. You may be thinking about sharing all the intimate information together or you may be in need of someone to hang around with. Put this in your mind and try to picture it in your mind. This will make you more confident and comfortable to meet the new person.

Try to approach the person at the right time. In case he is doing something else then you already know that this is not the right time. You can approach him when he is somewhere waiting or when he is with other friends.

Try to be very casual. Do not pretend to be something that you are not, try to be who you really are. Request the person if you can join him first and you will be happy to be invited. Do not plan what you may say in advance. Let it come in a flow. The easiest way to open the conversation is to try to give any casual comment about anything which is going on. You can say something about the class taking too long, however, do not begin with an uncomfortable question of why is he there or who he is waiting for. Use tact and try to speak in general. Do not talk about yourself for long.

The question that you will ask can be considered as filler. When you begin to ask a question, the person will respond. The type of the answer will help you to decide on what to do next. If he gives a snappy and short answer then you will know that the person is not appreciating your presence. Go somewhere else.  If the answer seems friendly but the person shows that he is not interested then it means that he has some other thing on his mind and he is not ready to talk to you. Then you have to excuse yourself and you can try to look for another chance in the future. In case the person shows interest and gives a detailed answer and if he begins to ask questions himself then you have made it and you can continue the conversation with him.

If you meet a person, the nervousness can stay only for one question. If you make the first comment, the response you get will put you at ease, regardless if it is negative or positive. In case it is possible then you will be comfortable to continue the conversation. In case the answer is negative, you will be able to excuse yourself and to begin to look for a friend somewhere else. Breaking the ice does not take too much and it is not a big deal. 

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