The Soul Takes Another Body After Death

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In fact Aryan civilization began to be called Hindu civilization and `Aryavrat’ as `Hindustan’ and Aryan people as `Hindus’.


All historians agree that there is no book in the world older than Vedas. Western scholars put the time of Vedas at 1200 to 6000 B.C.

Vedas are the Aryan people’s basic scriptures which were presumably not written by one man. They are comprehensive-dealing with religion, medicine, astrology, economics, mathematics, philosophy etc. they speak of eternal truth and large and not a particular sect or religion. They speak of eternal truth and are incontrovertible. There are four Vedas-

1)      Rigeveda

2)      Yajurveda

3)      Samaveda

4)      Atharveda

Besides Vedas there are three types of other Aryan scriptures

1)      Samhitaeq- They includes prayers and hymns.

2)      Brahmanas- Vedic mantras are explained in them. They also tell how `Yajna’ and `havans’ are to be performed. They also offer interesting solutions to difficult worldly problems.

Divine power

According to Hindu religion it is the divine power which controls the world but they did not force anybody by violence or by state authority to accept this belief.

Karma Theory

According to Karma theory, this life is not everything. It is one of the links in a long chain. Soul is immortal. It is the body which is destroyed and not the soul.


The soul takes another body after death. The rebirth is according to one’s karmas. The theory of rebirth indicates that life is a long chain and one cannot avoid the consequence of one’s actions.

Belief in incarnation of gad

Three devtas- Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh- have special importance. They represent three different powers of God.

a)      Brahma represents the power of creation

b)      Vishnu represents the power of sustenance while

c)      Shiva represents the power of destruction

Infact these three forces represent the cycle of nature.

The conception of devtas

Besides the above-mentioned three forces, Aryan also worshipped various gods and goddess such as the sun, the moon, Varun and Indhra etc.


It is natural for a soul to get a body. One has to bear the pleasures and pains in the world. It is difficult to escape the pains that life brings in its train. So one should try to escape from the cycle of is birth and death. Hindu religion emphasizes the need to attain “Moksha’’.


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